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Smartphone apps are key to contemporary journalism

Knowing how to use your smartphone is key to producing effective journalistic content in the digital age, according to a Trainer at the BBC Academy.

Speaking at The Society of Editors Conference in Carlisle, Marc Settle, a video journalism expert, spoke about a range of revolutionary mobile video apps.

He stated that knowledge of how to use apps allowed journalists to create effective and exciting content easily and directly via social media.

“Having a range of apps means the [journalistic] potential is huge”, said Settle.

“Journalists simply using their phones to make calls and browse the internet isn’t enough in this day and age.”

Fiona Kinloch from the University of Central Lancashire

Google funds digital projects across Europe

Google is on the lookout for worthy digital innovation projects that it can support with a special development grant.

A fund of €150m, the Digital News Initiative (DNI) has been set up to support projects across Europe.

Speaking at the annual Society of Editors’ conference, Sarah Hartley, DNI Applicants Associate Manager, explained it is open to applications from all not-for-profit organisations. “We are looking for things that are going to have impact across the whole system”, she said, adding the idea of the fund is to “inspire people to look at new business models and experiment in order to work out the future for journalism.”

By way of example, the conference session highlighted several projects supported by the fund so far. One is a news app called Parsecs that allows readers to experience the same story from different perspectives.

Perspecs developer Darren Sher explained future development plans for the app include a ‘vote’ button allowing readers to side with one perspective. He added development of the app was only made possible thanks to DNI funding.

Google will announce the 2016 funded projects in November.

Fiona Kinloch from the University of Central Lancashire

North urged to raise its voice

London-based journalists lack understanding of the north of England, according to a former Fleet Street editor who grew up in Barrow.

Speaking at the annual Society of Editors Conference in Carlisle, executive director of CTF Partners, Chris Blackhurst, Mr Blackhurst dismissed what he sees as the southern belief that ‘nothing ever happens’ in the North.

“The North gave the world the first railway and split the atom”, he said.

The former editor of The Independent believes the North suffers from a lack of self-belief, something he calls ‘The Northern Psyche’. He added that in his view the broader approach of modern titles is a mistake: “Newspapers have missed a trick by allowing themselves to become deregionalised.”

Fiona Kinloch from University of Central Lancashire