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New practices in the Press Association newsroom

Peter Clifton, editor of the Press Association, started the second day of the conference in the Newsroom Tools and New Technologies workshop.

Peter discussed how the Press Association is evolving in terms of mobile journalism, data journalism and social media.

New training at the Press Association (PA) sees journalists across all platforms become familiar with the same social media methods.

Integration of various PA social network sites is proving more beneficial and successful, making it a better experience for news audiences.

PA has evolved the way it creates content in other ways, such as having subtitles on video content so viewers are able to consume news without having the sound on.

PA has also changed the way it communicated with it’s customers by using one non-public facing site to showcase the majority of their content in one place.

This is set to increase as well, according to Peter, “Within the next couple of months or so, all of our content will be showcased for our customers.”

Data journalism has also become a more significant form of telling news, with more reporters using data as a way of finding stories.

Peter said, “Data journalism is probably the richest source of investigative journalism we have.

Some of the best coverage that we have got has been from that data journalism.”

PA will continue to hold regular meetings to review and discuss the benefits, or lack thereof, of using these tools to craft and tell stories.

Laura Creighton