Fighting for Real News

Fighting for real news will top the agenda at the Society of Editors annual conference in Cambridge in November.

Taking place on Sunday 12 November and Monday 13 November, the agenda will focus on fighting fake news and the value of legitimate news sources, police and media relationships and counter-terrorism and funding journalism online

The Society of Editors’ Lecture will take place on the evening of Sunday 12 at the newly-built Tamburlaine Hotel, a stone’s throw away from Cambridge train station with the main day of conference sessions taking place at the University of Cambridge’s Clare College on Monday 13.

The conference, the major annual gathering of editors and senior figures from all sectors of the media, is guaranteed to make headlines with its keynote speakers and debates on the major issues facing 21st century journalism. This key arena for media debate is open to all and includes a significant emphasis on trusted journalism.

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick will be one of the key speakers at the conference. The Commissioner, who earlier this year took over as the first female head of the Metropolitan Police in its 188-year history, will address delegates on the subject of police and media engagement in one of her first key speeches at the media event.

Ian MacGregor, President of the Society of Editors and Editor Emeritus at the Telegraph said:

“As the debate over ”Fake news” intensifies, trust in journalists has never been more important.

“In an increasingly competitive world, the emphasis on original, quality content on all platforms is absolutely crucial.

“But how do news organisations really achieve that? How do they resource it? How do journalists find new readers and viewers? And what is ”quality” anyway?

“These are amongst the many questions being addressed at this year’s Society of Editors ‘Fighting for Real News’ conference.

“Some of the biggest names in journalism will be giving their opinions and insight – don’t miss the chance the join them.”

The main sessions will take place on Sunday 12 November and Monday 13 November.

Visit the Society of Editors main website for full details.