BBC’s Mojo expert says phones are the way forward

Marc Settle, Trainer, BBC Academy

The development of mobile journalism provides a vital tool for journalists, a trainer from the BBC Academy has told an audience of the Society of Editors.

Speaking at the Society’s annual conference in Carlisle, Marc Settle, an expert in video journalism told delegates that it was not now uncommon for full interviews and even documentaries filmed solely on a mobile device.

He said: “I don’t think we’ll get to a point where craft cameras will never be used but the gap between smartphones and these cameras is getting very narrow these days.

“News happens outside the office. You can do so much more on your smartphone,” he added.

Considering audiences is also crucial when it comes to using smartphones to gather journalistic footage, said Settle.

“You’ve always got to think about the audience- do they just want good footage?, he added, “If you have a phone, you have it with you all of the time. You can do anything at any moment.

“There is a slight concern that so many people could create content with smartphones that isn’t real but it’s up to editors and journalists to spot the fakes,” Settle concluded.

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