Google DNI funds investigative journalism says Bureau chief

Funding by Google’s DNI Innovation Fund is contributing to producing investigative journalism the Society of Editors conference has been told.

Speaking as part of a panel session focusing on Google’s Digital News Initiative which provides funding for journalism projects, Rachel Oldroyd, the editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, praised the scheme.

The Bureau, active since 2010, has used the Fund to expand its investigative journalism unit and it has directly funded a Local Data Lab which it hopes to open to other media organisations.

Rachel Oldroyd, the Managing Editor, explained to the conference that the Bureau would use the fund to expand their investigative data journalism team. She added that she was hiring journalists to specialise in “collecting, analysing and cleaning up data” which allowed them to access a “goldmine of stories” wrapped up in data.

As the Bureau doesn’t publish their work themselves, the stories derived from their data journalism team, and therefore Google’s funding, will benefit news outlets across the UK, she said.

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