Mobile Journalism presents “fantastic opportunity” for regional journalists

Mobile journalism presents a “fantastic opportunity” for regional journalists the Society of Editors was told this week.

Addressing delegates at the Society of Editors conference in Carlisle, Catherine Houlihan, the Managing Editor at ITV Border highlighted the need for newspapers to “keep pace with technology” as it develops to equip journalists with video and audio tools in the field.

Speaking as part of a panel session focusing on video content, Houlihan said it would be “foolhardy” to ignore technological progression, identifying social media’s role in modern journalism as “a game-changer”, which has “enhanced the relationship with viewers”.

She said:“The relationship between a regional broadcaster and its viewer is very different from national news.”

She was keen for standards to be maintained despite the need for immediacy in mobile journalism, “The quality of journalism must never be forgotten and that’s accuracy, reliability and tastes and decency.

“Your trustworthiness and brand is your biggest selling point going forward.

“They know what they are getting is true, although we might not be the first to get it out there.”

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