Verification is key explains Jenni Sargent

Verification of internet sources is an ever-growing issue of importance for journalists, the Society of Editors conference was told this week.

Speaking at the annual conference in Carlisle, the Managing Director of First Draft News spoke of the new challenges that are being faced with the spread of social technology.

First Draft News works to find the best way to search for eyewitness media when a story breaks and provides tips on verification.

Addressing delegates as part of a panel session on newsroom tools and new technologies, Jenni Sargent told delegates that social media has allowed anybody to post stories making the issue of verification of increasing importance with online sources.

Sargent said: “At no point do we want to sit in judgement and say this is something you need to be careful of and you need to make sure you’re doing it right.”

Instead the organisations wants journalists and editors to ”understand who your sources are, where these images and videos have come from.”

Emmi Bowles – University of Central Lancashire

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