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Jeremy Clifford: “We want to work with Trinity Mirror collaboratively”

The Editor-in-Chief of Johnston Press has revealed that the publisher is working with fellow regional publisher Trinity Mirror to explore the benefit of collaborative projects.

Speaking at the Society of Editors conference in Carlisle, Clifford told media figures that the company was looking to break the trend between media companies and their rivals, suggesting that working together was now the way forward for the industry.

He said: “Trinity Mirror and Johnston Press are talking about sharing some of their resources when it comes to coming back from football games.

“We both go to the same events and we might both spend on freelance photography and duplicate efforts.”

“We shouldn’t see ourselves as competitors and we should in-fact be working together,” he added.

Speaking as part of a panel session looking at the progress of the BBC Local Journalism Working Group, Clifford, a former editor of the Yorkshire Press said that pooling resources was a means by which local and regional newspapers could produce public interest journalism in a challenging climate.

He said: “Working collaboratively, is the key to success in the industry. We know we’re challenged but what we don’t tend to do well enough is work together,” he added.